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Very addictive

good to kill the time

good to kill the time


This game is really awesome, with all these upgrades it makes you feel like youll have to work for your money. Other than having to pay actual money to get certain things, I totally recommend getting this game.

Love it

Great game try it out

Fun game

Its pretty fun to play and easy

How about making a version that doesnt crash so much?

Ok game, but it crashes all the time and it doesnt always save my progress. Jokes on the developer I guess because it consistently crashes when I try to watch video ads(aka their source of revenue).

Its lit

It told me to write this


This game destroyed my life.... One more minute.

Cool game!

This game is good.

Great game

Its super addicting great way to pass time


Wierdly fun.

Great Game But....

It is a fun game but its not too big! But I like the simplicity but I just want more stuff to do!

Love/hate relationship

This game isnt like most games where it involves your time and energy, and money for that, although there is an option to pay real money to advance quicker and better, players do not have a pay as you play type of game, rather a leisure fun and addicting game, very funny references to games, movies actors, you name it, definitely recommend it to everyone


Cant put it down. No idea why

Good game xD

Pretty awesome xD

Fantasic, Download it now!

This is the first ever game or app on the App Store Ive ever bothered to review. Its just a lot of fun. And the devolpers dont do all that freemium crap, so go wild.


Recommend it very fun way to kill time

Its fuuuun

Absolutely positively tons of fun!!!

Adventure Capitalism

I just started playing today, but Im really enjoying it. I dont know the strategies or anything yet, but Im having fun, which is the point!


This game is so much fun I play it in PC and phone

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