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Fun so far been two days for me

Good stuff!

Fun for all!


Best killer time

Ok for a day

Boring after one day


Fun game, love the upgrade system.

I like it

Its great


Great game

Fun times

Fun fun fun


Neverending fun

good like my bussiness

good game

Time killer

But who needs time?

Great game

Its a great game keeps me busy when I am bored

Fun game

Very enjoyable.

Ok game

Need more videos it keeps saying error but other than that good game


I need Angels


Every time you watch an ad they will not give you your bonus. Great game if they didn’t rip you off on you bonus. I will not spend no more money on this game because they really do rip you off spent 30 dollars on this game and they have ripped me off almost every time. I am really going to get ahold of the better business bureau I am so tired of this app taking my money and giving me nothing something has got to be done


Good time killer the game even makes money when your not playing excellent game love how it is set up also.

Best game

I can't believe how fun this game is I can't stop playing it I have been playing it for 3 months and all I can say is that it is either the best game in the world or just addictive. Its probably both,I should probably rap it up and go to bed but first you need to get this app!$$


I cannot stop playing this game! I earn money in the game even when I’m not playing it! I highly recommend to whoever is reading this to download it.

Insanely addicting and easy.

The only problem is it requires Wi-Fi other than that a great game.

Da best

Da best

Thank You!

I love this game. It is amazing!! Thank you for making such a great game for people to play😁

The game is unbalanced.

The Earth and Mars are lazily made and are quite hard to pass. They seem to be wasted of time. The Moon, on the other hand, is the easiest thing ever known to mankind. You can get money far too easily on there, and get millions, if not billions of angels in half an hour maybe... EDIT: This isn’t feedback, THIS is feedback. Terrible game 1 stars no real graphics and game is awful.


This game is great, and that’s why I want you guys to make money off of it. So I want to inform you that people are changing there phone times to speed up profits. Look into that if you want because if people keep doing that they won’t buy your in-app purchases.

A game that is recommended

great idea and concept

Absolutely fantastic!

It's so addicting and a great game to play, I've only had it for a few hours but I'm so happy with it! Wonderful app!

Really fun <3

I enjoy the game, it gives you challenges and makes you want to play more each time you earn more :D I have TONS of angles on the moon and it’s easy to earn money after reset. Very cool game 👍





Update ruined game

This used to be such an amazing game, but the recent updates have completely ruined it. I can’t earn anything offline half the time, ad boost will let me watch an add but for no boost sometimes. Many times ads aren’t even available. I spent 5 mega tickets yesterday to boost some of my investments on moon and it made no difference (HUGE WASTE OF TIME). The only good thing was that you can unlock mars with 100 mega bucks now instead of 200. This game is in desperate need of an update to fix these bugs, it’s very disappointing considering how long I’ve played this and the fact that I’ve spent a good chunk of my real money buying gold for this game.

Great time waster!

Don’t let the title fool you, this game is great. I could spend hours at a time building up my capitalism just to knock it down for a couple angles, which will help me build up my empire even more the next time. Please get.


This is an amazing game for road trips and when your just generally bored

New Update is not fun to play

I used to play this game quite a bit. It looked really good, and watching ads was simple, and getting bonuses for reaching certain goals with each item was really satisfying. With the new update, my megabuck-boosted profits don’t look as nice. They used to look golden and now they’re a nasty yellow. Also, I started over on one of the planets after claiming my angels, and now when I reach certain goals, the bonuses do not pop up in the corner letting me know what got boosted and by what multiplier. Instead, I have to just assume the boost was applied, and there’s no way to check what it was. It makes the game less satisfying to play, and it feels like I’m not doing anything or getting anywhere. I don’t see myself playing at this point. It just isn’t as fun or satisfying to me with the complicated new look and boost notification issue.

Great game

All around great game

I love this game but...

The update is the worst. The new format looks terrible compared to the previous one, and I will not play anymore because of how nauseating it is to look at.

It was better before 😕

I just got the new update and it was awful! I hadn’t been playing for about a week because I had other things to do but anyway when I tried to login it said, get the update so I did and when I got on it didn’t say, ‘’ Blah blah blah was earned while you were away.’’ So that made me irritated. And then there’s the new update which is bad. The design and format were changed and now it is bad. 😠

Rigged system

For the weekly events, how does one go from being rated at 6000 in the last hours of the event, and then 2 hours later fall to above 10000 in the rankings? I’m deleting this game, it was fun, but I will not waste my time with a game that is rigged, obviously you want the players to waste their money and buy packages to get an advantage in the game.


This and Millionaire to Billionaire is soooo addicting

This is a fun game it teaches

You how to be a billioneer and I already am a billioneer I have my own personal servant my own personal limp my own personal jet /helecopter this is a fun game you should try it Out oh ya and I have a hover board that floats 3 ft above the ground I rate it 0 Stars but I might be nice my father said I have to💠

No ads?

After the latest update I can’t reset because they’re “out of ads.” I love this game, so please fix.

Love it

Play it

Put the money towards real life and other things

It’d be nice if you could use this money in real life and other games and needs.

Hate the new update

Please change it back to the old way i hate how the format is

Resets progress

The app keeps resetting my progress and I lose all my angels this is a major issue


It has capitalism nuff said

Newest Update:

It isn’t allowing me to download the newest update and I’m afraid of deleting the app and losing all my progress !


It is a good game

Not earning when away

Been offline for three days. Earned NOTHING while away. Terrible.

update has some drawbacks

the update is pretty nice overall, but i absolutely hate how when you go into managers or upgrades and then click the x to go back, it takes you to the home screen instead of the menu. it’s not a huge deal, but it’s just annoying enough to make me write a review. another thing with this update that bothered me is the fact that when a pop up comes up in the bottom left corner, it covers the number of products you can buy in that corner. again, not a huge deal, just slightly annoying.

Worst game ever !

It was alright until you idiots did the last update and ruined the game for good I just deleted it and will never play again stupid f*%#ers

Update killed this game

This used to be a go to game worth spending money to play. Since the update there is so much that was made worse It would take hours to list them all. Getting to events, navigating menus, broken ads, broken bonuses and the list goes on and on. Time to find something else to take up my time and money.

Fun game, but

Why am I forced to update the app? Why can’t I just play the same version? The app completely locks you out if you don’t update, and I think that’s complete BS

Fun game

Very addicting

Good game

Good game to waste some time with

Liked the old style better

Don’t play as much ever since the last major update. Not a fan of the new style

Addicting but...

App crashes 98% of the time inside an ad and when you return... "Fresh out of ads!" As it proceeds to play you one for a different buff... This has been an issue for me since I started playing years ago and support will only blame it on my phone... Even though I've now played on three different devices and the bug only seems to get worse with each update...


Great game to make business fun!


My 3rd Grader was playing this game and the add that pops up was “Choices” a girl walking up to her sister with a pregnancy test... seriously.. there are no words... these advertisements are getting out of hand. No one is monitoring them to see if they are even age appropriate or not. I just cannot even deal. This is such a ridiculous situation.. * if it were not for the tasteless adds i would give the game 5 stars


Wish there was a view for totals stats for all worlds combined.


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Coooooooool game

It is amazing

Super Addicting!

I can’t stop playing!


Would give it

Good and fun.

Fun to play.

Wassupp Gaming

It has been the most attractive mobile game I have had yet. If you don’t have this game, Get It NOW!! Keep it going. 😆👕👑👖👔🕶

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