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Fun so far been two days for me

Good stuff!

Fun for all!


Best killer time

Ok for a day

Boring after one day


Fun game, love the upgrade system.

I like it

Its great


Great game

Fun times

Fun fun fun


Neverending fun

good like my bussiness

good game

Time killer

But who needs time?

Great game

Its a great game keeps me busy when I am bored

Fun game

Very enjoyable.

Ok game

Need more videos it keeps saying error but other than that good game


I need Angels


Please add more managers!! I got all of them and i just keep going. I loveee this gamee if i could rate 10 stars i would


It’s fun

Awesome game

Very gggoood gane

Good game

Good game

Love this game

At first I was hesitant to give it a go, now I just want to buy, buy, buy!


Super fun game that I enjoy playing day after day. Highly recommend it to anyone who loves a constantly fun and exciting game and can manage boat loads of money.


pretty lit my guy just want free gold you know

Fun Idle Game

Enjoyable game, highly recommend if you enjoy idle games

Little to many ads

What the titale


Great game


I am basically a small country


Great app

Great game to play or not play

A very fun game to relax you with the feeling of money rolling in. But even when you’re not playing, you’ll still roll in the dough.

Very good game

This game is a super fun because get money even when your off the game I like how they thought of investors (I have 408)I don’t think it’s a waste of my time there are no ads that have to look at and if there are you wanted to watch them.


All I get is money and over 79.5 billion soon enough will be great


This iOS game is super fun for all ages and genders and for the fact adcap I've had since i saw the first ad

Fun game

I absolutely love it

I really like this cause,

Ive always had a problem getting all fidgety and ever sense Ive been playing this game it gets my mind off of all the problems that Im dealing with! Its super distracting and you honestly don't have to spend REAL money on the game to get a lot of coins. Ive played this a while ago and forgot all about it but I found it again and Im happy. Ive been playing for only 6 mins and I'm over 1 billion dollars. Love this game

super fun just wish it didn’t auto reset me :(

I got auto reset... I had all platinum on earth and have an absurd number of angel investors... but then earth got auto reset without me wanting it to... I didn’t even get my 200 gold. :(

Best game yet

This game is so fun and a good time waster I will start playing at 1 and loose with the time and it will be 4 o clock

Super fun

Great game to just set up and leave alone for a while then come back.

Just one problem

I LOVE this game. My only problem personally is that you can’t save your data to an account to transfer across devices. If you delete the app or get a new phone, you lose your progress. The only way is to have a complete phone back up. I’ve logged in with a Kongregate account, I just wish it would have kept my progress when I got my new phone.

It’s very nice

I love this game

I want those fuzzy feelings I’m promised!


Great Game!!

I love the is game!!!!!


Five stars this game is great

Fun but broken

This is a fun game. But nothing works since the last update, that came out over a month ago. They need to fix it so that it is as fun as it was...Too frustrating, lose a lot and go backwards! PLEASE FIX!

Cool game!


Amazing game

I am quite happy with this game as the things that are available for in app purchases are free to get in the game, just hard to get great game overall

I'm love ❤️ money💵💸💵💸💴💶💷💶💴💵💸💶💶💴💴💸💵💸💸💸💸

I love this game is so fun my friend plays it all the time and it is no Thang bad

Love it

I love this game




I like this game, I played it before, I want to play it again......... BUT, when I downloaded it again and turned it went to a weird way of the game and that happened again and again until the screen turned black and the next thing I know I'm back in my games folder?! Please fix this.

5 Stars!💫⭐️🌟✨

This game is so fun, especially because it’s one of those games where you can come back after a while with a bunch of money to spend.

AdVenture Capitalist

Game is fun but a little to time consuming.



I love Adventure capitalist

I love the Adventure capitalist because it is the easiest game in the world.Me and my brother he’s been playing for like a year or two years or three years I don’t know. I have been playing for a year I think but I love adventure capitalist me my brother I love the events .My brother is better than me but I’m pretty good too. I didn’t really like the game at first but then I just did my brother got me into it and I just love Adventure capitalist.All I have to say is me and my brother love it bye. Love you Adventure capitalist💖💖

Best game ever

I can’t stop playing it’s the best game ever and don’t worry about restarting to get angels it’s even funner when you do. I defenetly suggest you get this game


Of course, in all of these years playing multiple different idle games, it would be seemingly impossible for me not to try this one out. Everything about this game is ultimately fun and engaging, and as you move through it you learn more and more about where to put your money. This past week of playing has been nothing but amazing, and I give my utmost praise to the developers. Everything feels fresh about it- from the dialogue to the silly managers, it, somehow, feels like something new among the world of similarity that binds most idle games together. Again, I give my praise, and would recommend this game to anyone, no matter their play style or casual enjoyment.


Needs more earth job things after oil companies

Not a bot

I think this game is super fun and would a bot write this56836755764$&&)(;&:@&:=} poop


Great but u have to be patient and I like the investors and managers


When i saw the ad I was so excited cause I always wanted to be a entrepreneur I have the spirit for it said ALL my teachers but I installed it & it took 2 days


Very fun game!


In my head I am a multi octilianaire but now I can be on my phone too YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😘🤓🦊🦊🦊😎🦊😎🦊🦊🦊😎🦊🦊😎😎🦊🦊😎🦊😎😎🦊🦊🦊😎😉🦊😎😎🦊😉😎🦊😉🙂😎🦊😉😄🦊😉🦊🙂😎😉🦊 and I love the cosplay characters in it that was awesome


Very fun and sooo much money so very addictive


Super fun!! I love watching my money grow and I 100% love the funny references for the managers and angels like Gus Pollos for car wash :) I do wish I can still see managers that I brought. When I buy them, they disappear from the list and I don’t know how to find them again. Good job 🤗


It’s great

It’s good

I think that it’s good but boring 😰 Please don’t judge me

Great game!!!

Fun distraction from normal life, great way to escape and watch the cash roll in. If it was only that easy!

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